1930    It was launched the first line on the trousers production, which is the start of the factory named after F.E.Dzerzhinskiy.

1940   The production capacity of the factory is increased to 10% of all sewing items, manufactured in Byelorussia.

1941-  1945  The work was suspended due to the Great Patriotic War.

1945  Post-war reconstruction.

1950-1958  Economic growth of the factory, there were put into operation new productive capacities, introduction of new national processes and technologies.

1959  The company defined to specialize in coats production.

1965   The company is awarded with honorary degree “The company of High Production Practices”.

1968 The factory is awarded with the Red Banner of the winner in the competition among the companies of light industry.

1973  Production of goods, awarded by the quality mark.

1982   Woman coat made of blended fabric is awarded by the bronze medal at the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements of USSR.

1990 Productive process technical re-equipping with the technological equipment by the company "Juki" Japan.

1992  The company is renamed into production profit corporation "Slavianka" with collective form of government.

2000 President of the Republic of Belarus A.G.Lukashenko visited the company.

2000  It was changed the form of government – Open Joint Stock Company.

2003 OJSC "Slavianka" is recognized to be the best company of Bobruisk at year end results.

2004 Diploma for the best quality at the XXII International Fair of light industry in Moscow.

2006 Diversification of the production. Production of a wide range of sports wear "SLAVSPORT".

2007 It was awarded a medal for the best clothing collection at the International Fair in Moscow.

2008 Launch of the brand "SLV". Installation of the new technological equipment for production of suits "Business- class". 

2009г. OJSC “Slavianka” is the leader in school apparel sales at school year results. Totally:  clothing for boys- 70 200 pcs., clothing for girls - 44 800 pcs. Clothing was made in three lines:  Econom-class, Business- class, VIP- class.

In March 2010 OJSC “Slavianka” celebrated its 80 anniversary. There were summarized the results of work, there were awarded the best workers. It was carried out the competition “Miss-Slavianka2010”.

2010. The company remained the leader in school apparel sales in the Republic of Belarus at school year results. As of the 1 of September there were sold 171,2 thousand pieces of school apparel both for boys and for girls.

2011 It was launched  innovative products - items of three-layer stitched fabric produced on the new technological equipment. The company starts to sale stitched coats to Germany.

2011  The company is  the leader in school apparel sales at the market of the Republic of Belarus at school year results, it increases the sales volume to Russian Federation.

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